Thursday, December 26, 2013

My favorite apron

This is my favorite apron, I use it for my daily house cleaning chores. It does get dirty, but saves my uniform the soiling. I do love it so and am so grateful for it that I work hard every day to prove I deserve it.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Something has changed...

I have been a maid for years, but something has changed. I think I have finally come to terms with being a sissymaid. Instead of being ashamed, I am becoming proud of what I have become. I live only to serve my wife as a fulltime slave. I have never been a better person. I am so happy to immediately jump to obey any command mindlessly. Many the hour are spent daily giving foot and back rubs, and doing endless wonderful chores. In my spare time, I am only allowed to do sissy things like keeping shaved and combing my hair and hand washing panties. I am allowed to do this website, and look at sissy stuff only online.

On my Wife's part, she has really taken control. My every little move is controlled by her. I do nothing without permission, or she looses her shit. She will not tolerate any manliness from me at all. I am to be a docile obedient sissy at all times. About the only decision I am allowed to make is what panties to wear and I had best remember to curtsey daintily every time!  

To become a sissy maid, I had to give up any authority and dignity I had as a man.

What started out as a kinky experiment that started with panties, became my fate. Little did I know I would become a full time locked up and collared slave maid. 

The part I can't almost believe is how happy I have become. I feel so secure knowing I am not allowed to make decisions, but merely obey. Life is simple.