Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here are a few rules I live by.

Sissy must be in panties and a bra minimum at all times.
Sissy must keep shaved clean below the neck at all times.
Sissy must curtsey when called, when owner enterers the room, and upon returning from a chore.
Unless sissy is told otherwise, sissy is to stand in corner upon returning from a chore.
Slave is to NEVER watch the news, and can only use Internet to look at sissy stuff, or to study massage or cleaning methods.
Slave is not allowed to make decisions, or have any opinions except to agree with owner.
Maid is to never leave house without permission. 
Slave must be in full uniform including tights and headband, shoes and light makeup when serving.
Maid to not to speak without permission while in uniform.
Maid is to bend over immediately and drop panties to be whipped, be it for punishment or your pleasure.
Sissy must never talk back, argue or disagree with owner. 
Sissy owns nothing and has no rights.
Sissy is forbidden from any non sissy related activities. Any spare time can be spent in the corner, or shaving and keeping sissy fresh.
Slave is not to masterbate with out permission, and when permission is given, it must be done in a slutty humiliating sissy way that reinforces my position.