Thursday, July 25, 2013

Becoming a maid. A quick introduction.

I have been slowly becoming a maid for years. It started after I asked my wife if I could wear panties. She was shocked a little at first, but amused. 

She began to keep me in panties, and slowly added nighties and silky things. I began to look online to explore what I was feeling, and discovered the sissy movement.

It was amazing. I had always been confused about my sexuality. I discovered much to my shock, I was in fact a "sissy". This was hard to swallow, and even harder to resist. 

At first, it was just sexual excitement being in panties, but it was not enough. I would have to serve. It was the only path forward. I was to be a maid.

I asked my wife if I could "serve" her. At first it was just a game. She bought me a uniform and I would fetch things and do minor tasks for Her.

It was a start, but would lead to deeper and deeper submission. As I did things in my life, often overseas, I would always yearn to be back home in uniform serving. 

The desire to submit and serve took over my life. Each time we "started again" it became more real, meaningful and lasting.

Everything I gave up and every bit of authority I lost, I never got back.

Things are right in our home. I serve as I should full time.