Saturday, July 27, 2013

So embarrassing..

My wife came home for a few moments to relax and get a back massage. I was waiting eagerly to serve, and immediately showed my submission by standing in the corner to wait for orders. 

I had been doing my daily routine, but took the leisure of putting on my last diaper ( we had a few left over from having kids). I feel ashamed and embarrassed in one even if alone. I had only done it a few times before, and when I told my wife, she thought it was pathetic. It definitely lowered my status as a man in her eyes.

Today I had to tell her again, and asked if I could take it off. She said "no, leave it on." (And my plug in)

So here I am, diapered, plugged, shaved, and in uniform.

I told her about progress on the website and asked if I should do kinky things, like video of me masterbating and cumming, in uniform, and or using toys. 

The reply was "Yes, do it, but they should not get it for free. I explained enough traffic to the site could generate ad revenue, and I could do private cam sex for money if I could figure out how. (A sissy whore I am to be also?) 

I can only imagine what that would be like.... Obviously I would do as I was told... I have a feeling I would be tasting a lot of cum, and my hole would be well oiled and used.

Just thinking about this, plus being told to do slutty things for the website inspired this: my debut in sissy porn

After, I felt a little shame, and ripped my diaper off, pulled my plug out, and cleaned up. But, like a good sissy, I left my bra and panties on. I may feel a little humiliated, but it is way better than not honoring my promise to be a good sissy. Even if She did not know I was not in panties and a bra, I would know.