Sunday, July 28, 2013

A proud sissymaid.

I am a fully trapped and collared sissymaid. My sole function is to serve and obey my Wife. I have no say in any matter, and am not to have an opinion. 

I curtsey out of respect as she or I enters or leaves a room, and immediately jump eagerly to obey any command mindlessly.

I wanted for a time to be "forced" to be a submissive maid, this was only to fool myself, to somehow pretend I did not want to so it... But now, I submit and serve as a fulltime maid, because I really want to. I am proud to be a sissymaid. Ironically, after time of being the best sissy I can, She has been accustomed to it and demands forcefully nothing less. Now I am forced to do it. All my dreams came true.... I am so glad I want to be a fulltime maid, because I would be one no matter what now.. It is WAY too late now.. The only say I have now is what color panties I will wear. I have no regrets, and have never been happier.

maid betty