Friday, July 26, 2013

Excited and scared, but without a choice

Soon my wife will be home. We have just really began "corner time". I will be required to stand in the corner in full uniform unless I am ordered to do a task. After the task, I am to return, curtsey, then return to the corner. 

I am excited now, but will it be like everything else I do as a maid? Every bit of power I have lost, I never got back. What started out with panties and a uniform, has become my life. Once I wanted to wear sissy stuff and play house on occasion. Now I am required to be in panties and a bra full time. My wife would go batshit crazy if I tried to get out of serving as a sissymaid even a little.

Did the panties go away? No. Did the uniform go away? No, now I have several. Did the chores go away? No, now I must do all of them.

Now, we have added "corner time" as an absolute rule. Will that go away? No.

The kinda funny thing is, I LOVE corner time, even though I am nervous because like everything else, I do not have a choice anymore. Would you like to see pics? Should I post one daily? I sure am in the corner daily....