Monday, July 29, 2013

It just gets better and better :)

As of recently, my life as a sissymaid took a big step forward. I made a commitment  to study and work hard to be a good maid like never before. 
My wife said I am only to use the Internet for sissy stuff, and to study massage and better house keeping methods.
This I am doing, I used to be a newshound, but now am forbidden from any news media. I have no idea at all what is going on, and do not want to, and I have no need. 
As I studied being a maid, I read that one needs a schedule to be organized. I also learned better how to use the tools, and other advise from long time maids.
I got a "chorma " app for my phone, and I have my everyday chores, and my day of the week duties programmed in with a checklist. My wife can add in anything she likes from her phone to my schedule.
I wake up, put on my uniform (if appropriate) put on my bra and panties no matter what, and do my morning checklist. Coffee and a light breakfast, then off to my daily duties. 
We have a huge house, and much is to be done. When it is finished, it is time to start over. 
My only focus is to be a good sissymaid, I am forbidden from, nor want anything else. I treat my wife like a queen. 

I instantly obey her every command, and serve her hand and foot.

I ask for and must have permission to do even the smallest thing,

I am ashamed of myself if I do even the slightest thing with out her approval, even if she does not know, I would know.

I did not "become" a sissy, I finally accepted I WAS one. As I struggled to understand it, I learned the natural way for me, was to serve my wife.  Sissy....maid. For us it is natural and right.
So now I have a full maid schedule plus hand and foot service, and lots of foot and back massages, cooking and caring for the kids. 
They do not see me in uniform, but they sure see me obeying and serving my wife, and always have. My wife has always been the dominant head of our family. They do see me do all the house work. Nothing wrong with that. 

So this is real life. A loving close family with a semi secret maid sissy daddy and a strong beautiful mom. 

Soon when school is back in.  It will be uniform 5 days a week, not just at nights and when left in the bedroom daily. I will only be out of uniform then when the kids get home, then right back in after kids bed time. Panties, bra and shaved all the time no matter what.

It works well for us. I personally have never been happier. I take pride in pleasing and serving her. 

I did loose her respect for my manhood, but her love only grew. She calls me "half a fag" to her gay friends.... 

But no weird hidden things are between us. She loves me as her sissy, and I am becoming a better one every day. I am more useful to her as a maid, than I ever could be as a "man".

As I stated earlier , the only Internet I am allowed is sissy stuff, cleaning and massage. So thank you for bearing with me as I express myself here.

 I am just
so grateful and excited and happy.

If I can help but one sissy become a maid....