Monday, January 18, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Uniformed sissymaid pauses to take a selfie

sissymaid waits in bed to serve

Sissy waits in corner to serve

Free at last, at her feet

I am not ashamed of being a sissy maid. I am ashamed of who I was as a "man"

I was arrogant, selfish, rude, lazy and irresponsible. I almost can't believe my wife put up with me. I was a failure as a man, but I am an excellent maid.

Now, I am humbled, polite, hardworking, and responsible for doing as I am told only. 

I could not be a better sissy husband than to literally do nothing but serve and obey her. 

She has always loved me, but she sure likes me better as her obedient slave.  She likes me in a cute uniform blindfolded when I am not doing chores for her. She demands a curtesy, and always gives me a loving smile in return.

My total submission is from my heart, my servitude is not forced, but enforced. She has come to expect nothing less.

I have never felt more useful and productive. I am happy and content in a way I have never been. My worries and insecurities are gone. I have no will of my own, and only one simple duty, obey. 
I am not ashamed to ask to speak. She may be busy, enjoying quiet, or simply not care what I have to say. If she has nothing for me to do, I am sent to the corner, or kneel at her feet. There I sit, happy. 
I massage her feet, fetch her items, do house work, cook her meals, comb her hair.... I make her life easy and wonderful.

The old me? Not so much. I am disgusted by what I was. 

Under control of my wife, everything is smooth as silk. We never argue. I have no say about anything, and no control over anything. So what is to argue about? Or talk back? Uh... That would be a big no, with terrible consequences. I know my place, and have too much respect to question her. The only reply to anything is " yes dear".and she wants to hear it. 

I have become what my wife wants if me, an obedient powerless maid. I want nothing more of this life than to serve and obey the one I love.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vow of obedience, a love letter from a sissy to his wife

I want to kneel at your feet blindfolded on a pretty pink pillow in a cute frilly uniform with a pink bow everyday for the rest of my life.
I want to wake up, make your coffee and report to my pillow everyday of the year.  
I am to sit silently and not even raise my hand to speak.
I only move when you have decided what you want me to do. I do not decide or ask to do anything. I am told what to do.
Then I may be left on the pillow, and given commands such as "Go scrub the bathroom floor on your hands and knees" I then do as I was told, and reported back to my pillow at your feet. 
I cook your breakfast, comb your hair, fetch your shoes and rub your feet. I live everyday of my life only serving you. 
I am to have no will of my own, a powerless obedient slave at your feet. 
I am to never again ask to leave the house, travel, or do anything unless you told me to, or I went with you. 

I am your slave, now and forever.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A life on my knees at the feet of my wife

I am on my knees most of the day. I am either at my owners feet blindfolded in a prissy dress with my hands folded in my lap, or I am rubbing her feet as she watches television or does work on her laptop. 
I am also on my knees as I wax and clean floors and toilets.
When not in use, I am on my knees in the corner, blindfolded, not to speak or move. . 
Also when she naps or goes to sleep for the night, I am on my knees massaging her feet for hours.
When she whips or fucks me, I am on my knees. 
She likes me collared, on a leash and at her feet, blindfolded, silent and waiting to serve.
I only walk to do my chores and housework, or go where she tells me, to do what I am told.
To some this may sound a nightmare, for me, paradise. I do not have to worry or think about anything. I am responsible for nothing All I have to do is as I am told, and there is nothing I would rather do than please my wife with my every breath. 
I only do as she pleases. 
I would rather serve my wife on my knees than rule on my feet in the world of men.

Improved rules I must obey at all times as a sissy slave maid

These are the current rules I must obey as a slave to show my submission and devotion, and am now expected demanded of and forced to obey at all times. I am to be helpless docile and obedient, as nothing less is tolerated. 

Permanent Slave Rules

Slave owns nothing 

Slave must mindlessly obey all commands at once, with a curtesy, then return without doing anything else. 

Slave has no say about anything

Slave is forbidden from making any plans. 

Slave is not allowed to make any decisions except choice of panties 

Slave must be shaved and in panties at all times

Slave must be in uniform when appropriate. 

Slave is not to speak unless spoken to, or given permission

Slave is to look down with hand up and wait silently to speak 

Slave is to jump up and make coffee every day, and then be put back in bed, or the corner until called to serve. 

Slave is not permitted any non sissy outside contact 

Slave is forbidden personal phone calls. 

Slave is forbidden any news politics or current events

Slave is forbidden from any hobbies

Slave is forbidden from asking for exceptions.

Slave may not ask for, and will not be given anything non maid related. 

Slave is forbidden from asking to do anything non maid related

Slave can and will be blindfolded and made to kneel, or put in the corner when not in use. 

Slave may never ask to be excused from the corner, unless to use the toilet only

Slave must have permission to leave or enter a room

Slave may not cum or use toys without permission. 

Slave must never talkback or argue about any command or decision.

But but it is SO BIG, sissy uses a new toy.

My wife ordered it for me, not knowing it was so big. ...

I had to relax and work it in slowly, moaning and quivering, biting my lip
Little by little, more and more, I worked it in and out

Until at last, it slid all the way in as I quivered and my eyes crossed 

Then I went to my corner and grinded, pumping up and down, careful not to cum
There I sat proud of being a slutty bimbo, knowing wife wife will be amused and demand I sit in my closet often on the huge plug, now that we know it fits. 

Plugged and pantied sissy waits for owners return

I am to do nothing but wait until my wife returns from a few days away. I feel a little lost, as I am usually at Her feet. I have no hobbies or projects to do on my own. Today, I will just lie in bed with my butt plug firmly in place and wait for a call from her...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Maid of love, happy to serve and obey

I have always been late to wake up, often due to being lazy. Now, when the first  alarm goes off in the morning, I spring from bed like toast out of a toaster, eager to make my wife's coffee and deliver a cup to her dressing room, and then ask if I may go back to bed, or should I stand in the corner. So far she has let me go back to sleep for a bit.
When I do awaken, I am to report in uniform, ask if I may have coffee and then return to my place at Her feet on my knees, where I am to sit silent and blindfolded. I am then given various household chores, each time to report back, and kneel at Her feet, often rubbing them for hours as She watches net flicks, or does her business. I cook and serve her breakfast, and tend to Her every little need with a curtesy. I do not so such as tinkle, speak or move without permission, or being told to.
Mid afternoon, she goes out to Her job for a few hours, leaving me with chores, and a nap time, so I am fresh to cook dinner, then after a while, rub Her Feet for hours blindfolded while She watches television in bed until She falls asleep or dismisses me. I am then free to make sure the kitchen is clean for morning, and watch a little television. 
Every moment for me is bliss. I love Spoiling and serving her, with total obedience. It feels good to do the right thing. We never argue, and I try not ever speak back, and She corrects me when needed. 
I have no say in any matter. She makes all my decisions for me, and likes me to just have a blank mind and just do as I am told. 
A fun example of the depth of my submission to share, I inherited a ranch out west in my name, but am giving every penny from the sale directly to her. I will not have the say of how any of it is spent, but will be getting several new uniforms. A black French maid style one for daily cleaning, and then an over the top frilly one for night service, and maybe a few other goodies. 
I don't watch the news, and avoid any current events. I only use the internet for sissy and maid related stuff like horny tumblr, or looking at panties and cute stuff my wife approves of. 

I have played maid on and off for years, but now somehow it really clicked. My wife is finding her power, and I am finding joy in being obedient. I feel I am a far better and productive person as a maid, then I ever was as a "man"

Life is short, and I am going to spend the rest of mine at my wife's feet serving her every little whim. I can offer no greater act of love than obeying Her every command, and living only to serve Her. 

This photo is not me, I just think its cute 

Friday, January 8, 2016

A sissy's dream comes true.

I love that at long last my dreams have come true, and all the years of hard work have paid off. 
I do not want to be a maid, or am training to be a maid, I AM a maid. 
I may have been interesting and handsome, but I was a failure as a man. I am not responsible and lazy and selfish. I was a waste of good air. 
Now I have a cause and purpose in life. I wake up, live and breathe only to serve my owner full time. 
From doing house work, massaging her feet, and serving her hand and foot, or just waiting in the corner for hours forgotten until needed, I am in bliss. 
Now, I curtesy and am deeply honored to be given the rule not to speak unless spoken to. I am ashamed to admit I fail sometimes, and speak out of turn, but am quickly chastised and punished. She delights as do I that I may not even speak unless spoken to or given permission. . This new rule was a major piece of my power I had to surrender. It was acceptance by both us of my place from now on. So I am not embarrassed to raise my hand to speak, nor am I upset if ignored. I am proud not to speak as a sign of respect, love  and submission. 
I have no hobbies ( I am allowed to look at sissy stuff, like drooling over cute panties, watching porn, keeping up this website)  original distractions, stay clean and shaved and wear frilly outfits at night, and a working maid uniform for my housework. She keeps giving me tons of frilly panties and outfits. 
My manhood is gone. All of my power and authority is gone, but what is left is a devoted slave who could not be any happier. This happened little by little, I always ashamed of my desires, scared I would lose her respect or love. 
I did loose her respect for me as a man, but not her love. I adore her, and literally live to only serve and obey her, and she likes that, and has gotten used to it. Never again will I be able to tell her what to do, or even make my own decisions. I am helpless and dependent. 
When I stand in the corner in my frilly uniform, I know I both deserve and have earned to be there. I let my mind go blank because I don't need to think, only obey. I make no plans, and am not allowed to do anything but serve or wait to serve. 
They say be careful what you wish for..  I sure am glad I wished to become a sissymaid, as there is no way back now.
I would be laughed at if I even tried to back step a little bit, and would end up whipped and sobbing back in the corner as I would rightly deserve. 

How did this happen?, or "I sure am glad this happened!"

This is how I started off as a globe trotting adventurer and ended up as a collared slave maid standing in the corner waiting to serve.
I have been submissive to my wife for years. It started small. I asked my wife if I could try wearing panties and doing more things at her request while in them, such as dishes and foot rubs.
She thought it a fantastic idea to wear panties, and soon she added short skirts, tops, and aprons. I would then sometimes dress up and play maid for a day. But then go back to other things in my life, such as travel, political activism, sailing and other things. Often I was gone for months. 
By and by, my wife became responsible for all the financial affairs, and matters of house and family. It was a natural fit for her to be in charge. Early in marriage years ago, I told her I want her to be the strong woman she is and never bow to please me. 
one of my daily work uniforms
I continued to explore further submission to her, as it just felt so right. I always knew what power I lost, I would never get back. I slowly became a maid, and then She accepted me as her slave and collared me. 
Fast forward to now, I have found my calling and have never been more content or happier. 
I have literally become a full time slave to my wife. I am powerless, and am not allowed to make any decisions, or do anything without permission. I am forbidden any news or any non sissy related internet. I am forbidden any non sissy maid activities full time with no exceptions.
Today, I was given a new rule I could not possibly be happier about. "Sissy does not speak unless spoken to". If I want to speak, I must raise my hand and wait. My greatest fear about being a sissy, is not being accepted by her, so being told not to speak unless spoken to, and being laughed at and sent to the corner when not serving just makes me feel secure. I am happy and grateful to serve, and am always eager to obey. 
I have no agenda of my own and am completely devoted to serving. 
Today, I woke up, my wife told me to have my coffee, put on my uniform then stand in the corner while she showered. There I happily waited to be called on to serve. I was summoned to make and omelet and toast. I quickly returned with her meal on a silver platter, and reported back to my corner to happily stand mindlessly, and blindfolded until needed again. Throughout the day, I was summoned to fetch things and do small chores, always with a curtesy then returning to my corner. I love the smile she gets when she sends me to my corner. 
Later, I massaged her feet for a long time as She watched tv, then napped for a bit, I did chores, cooked dinner then, rubbed her feet for a few hours tonight blindfolded until she went to sleep. 
Such is the day of the life for this sissy.