Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vow of obedience, a love letter from a sissy to his wife

I want to kneel at your feet blindfolded on a pretty pink pillow in a cute frilly uniform with a pink bow everyday for the rest of my life.
I want to wake up, make your coffee and report to my pillow everyday of the year.  
I am to sit silently and not even raise my hand to speak.
I only move when you have decided what you want me to do. I do not decide or ask to do anything. I am told what to do.
Then I may be left on the pillow, and given commands such as "Go scrub the bathroom floor on your hands and knees" I then do as I was told, and reported back to my pillow at your feet. 
I cook your breakfast, comb your hair, fetch your shoes and rub your feet. I live everyday of my life only serving you. 
I am to have no will of my own, a powerless obedient slave at your feet. 
I am to never again ask to leave the house, travel, or do anything unless you told me to, or I went with you. 

I am your slave, now and forever.