Friday, January 8, 2016

A sissy's dream comes true.

I love that at long last my dreams have come true, and all the years of hard work have paid off. 
I do not want to be a maid, or am training to be a maid, I AM a maid. 
I may have been interesting and handsome, but I was a failure as a man. I am not responsible and lazy and selfish. I was a waste of good air. 
Now I have a cause and purpose in life. I wake up, live and breathe only to serve my owner full time. 
From doing house work, massaging her feet, and serving her hand and foot, or just waiting in the corner for hours forgotten until needed, I am in bliss. 
Now, I curtesy and am deeply honored to be given the rule not to speak unless spoken to. I am ashamed to admit I fail sometimes, and speak out of turn, but am quickly chastised and punished. She delights as do I that I may not even speak unless spoken to or given permission. . This new rule was a major piece of my power I had to surrender. It was acceptance by both us of my place from now on. So I am not embarrassed to raise my hand to speak, nor am I upset if ignored. I am proud not to speak as a sign of respect, love  and submission. 
I have no hobbies ( I am allowed to look at sissy stuff, like drooling over cute panties, watching porn, keeping up this website)  original distractions, stay clean and shaved and wear frilly outfits at night, and a working maid uniform for my housework. She keeps giving me tons of frilly panties and outfits. 
My manhood is gone. All of my power and authority is gone, but what is left is a devoted slave who could not be any happier. This happened little by little, I always ashamed of my desires, scared I would lose her respect or love. 
I did loose her respect for me as a man, but not her love. I adore her, and literally live to only serve and obey her, and she likes that, and has gotten used to it. Never again will I be able to tell her what to do, or even make my own decisions. I am helpless and dependent. 
When I stand in the corner in my frilly uniform, I know I both deserve and have earned to be there. I let my mind go blank because I don't need to think, only obey. I make no plans, and am not allowed to do anything but serve or wait to serve. 
They say be careful what you wish for..  I sure am glad I wished to become a sissymaid, as there is no way back now.
I would be laughed at if I even tried to back step a little bit, and would end up whipped and sobbing back in the corner as I would rightly deserve.