Friday, January 8, 2016

How did this happen?, or "I sure am glad this happened!"

This is how I started off as a globe trotting adventurer and ended up as a collared slave maid standing in the corner waiting to serve.
I have been submissive to my wife for years. It started small. I asked my wife if I could try wearing panties and doing more things at her request while in them, such as dishes and foot rubs.
She thought it a fantastic idea to wear panties, and soon she added short skirts, tops, and aprons. I would then sometimes dress up and play maid for a day. But then go back to other things in my life, such as travel, political activism, sailing and other things. Often I was gone for months. 
By and by, my wife became responsible for all the financial affairs, and matters of house and family. It was a natural fit for her to be in charge. Early in marriage years ago, I told her I want her to be the strong woman she is and never bow to please me. 
one of my daily work uniforms
I continued to explore further submission to her, as it just felt so right. I always knew what power I lost, I would never get back. I slowly became a maid, and then She accepted me as her slave and collared me. 
Fast forward to now, I have found my calling and have never been more content or happier. 
I have literally become a full time slave to my wife. I am powerless, and am not allowed to make any decisions, or do anything without permission. I am forbidden any news or any non sissy related internet. I am forbidden any non sissy maid activities full time with no exceptions.
Today, I was given a new rule I could not possibly be happier about. "Sissy does not speak unless spoken to". If I want to speak, I must raise my hand and wait. My greatest fear about being a sissy, is not being accepted by her, so being told not to speak unless spoken to, and being laughed at and sent to the corner when not serving just makes me feel secure. I am happy and grateful to serve, and am always eager to obey. 
I have no agenda of my own and am completely devoted to serving. 
Today, I woke up, my wife told me to have my coffee, put on my uniform then stand in the corner while she showered. There I happily waited to be called on to serve. I was summoned to make and omelet and toast. I quickly returned with her meal on a silver platter, and reported back to my corner to happily stand mindlessly, and blindfolded until needed again. Throughout the day, I was summoned to fetch things and do small chores, always with a curtesy then returning to my corner. I love the smile she gets when she sends me to my corner. 
Later, I massaged her feet for a long time as She watched tv, then napped for a bit, I did chores, cooked dinner then, rubbed her feet for a few hours tonight blindfolded until she went to sleep. 
Such is the day of the life for this sissy.