Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Maid of love, happy to serve and obey

I have always been late to wake up, often due to being lazy. Now, when the first  alarm goes off in the morning, I spring from bed like toast out of a toaster, eager to make my wife's coffee and deliver a cup to her dressing room, and then ask if I may go back to bed, or should I stand in the corner. So far she has let me go back to sleep for a bit.
When I do awaken, I am to report in uniform, ask if I may have coffee and then return to my place at Her feet on my knees, where I am to sit silent and blindfolded. I am then given various household chores, each time to report back, and kneel at Her feet, often rubbing them for hours as She watches net flicks, or does her business. I cook and serve her breakfast, and tend to Her every little need with a curtesy. I do not so such as tinkle, speak or move without permission, or being told to.
Mid afternoon, she goes out to Her job for a few hours, leaving me with chores, and a nap time, so I am fresh to cook dinner, then after a while, rub Her Feet for hours blindfolded while She watches television in bed until She falls asleep or dismisses me. I am then free to make sure the kitchen is clean for morning, and watch a little television. 
Every moment for me is bliss. I love Spoiling and serving her, with total obedience. It feels good to do the right thing. We never argue, and I try not ever speak back, and She corrects me when needed. 
I have no say in any matter. She makes all my decisions for me, and likes me to just have a blank mind and just do as I am told. 
A fun example of the depth of my submission to share, I inherited a ranch out west in my name, but am giving every penny from the sale directly to her. I will not have the say of how any of it is spent, but will be getting several new uniforms. A black French maid style one for daily cleaning, and then an over the top frilly one for night service, and maybe a few other goodies. 
I don't watch the news, and avoid any current events. I only use the internet for sissy and maid related stuff like horny tumblr, or looking at panties and cute stuff my wife approves of. 

I have played maid on and off for years, but now somehow it really clicked. My wife is finding her power, and I am finding joy in being obedient. I feel I am a far better and productive person as a maid, then I ever was as a "man"

Life is short, and I am going to spend the rest of mine at my wife's feet serving her every little whim. I can offer no greater act of love than obeying Her every command, and living only to serve Her. 

This photo is not me, I just think its cute