Monday, July 29, 2013

My daily and weekly maid duties (partial and growing list )

Daily maid chores
To be done upon seven days a week.
Put on panties and bra
Ask about uniform?

Make bed
Sweep bedroom
Sweep bathroom
Tidy bathroom
Take down laundry
Check dishes
Clean counters
Sweep kitchen floor
Spot clean all bathrooms
Check laundry

Dust all surfaces
Wash all wet surfaces
Scrub toilets
Scrub baths
Wash sinks
Wash mirrors
Scrub floors by hand on knees
Check towels, toilet paper

Dust all rooms
Sweep all floors
Vacuum all floors
Damp mop wood floors
Hand wash kitchen floors
Hand wax kitchen and wood floors

Wash stovetop
Clean all counters
Clean and shine all appliances
Sweep floors
Hand shine floors

Wash and fold laundry, make beds

Yard and outside housework 

Saturday and Sunday 
Morning chores 
And then to be told what to do throughout the day,
Normal massage routine at night in uniform.

It just gets better and better :)

As of recently, my life as a sissymaid took a big step forward. I made a commitment  to study and work hard to be a good maid like never before. 
My wife said I am only to use the Internet for sissy stuff, and to study massage and better house keeping methods.
This I am doing, I used to be a newshound, but now am forbidden from any news media. I have no idea at all what is going on, and do not want to, and I have no need. 
As I studied being a maid, I read that one needs a schedule to be organized. I also learned better how to use the tools, and other advise from long time maids.
I got a "chorma " app for my phone, and I have my everyday chores, and my day of the week duties programmed in with a checklist. My wife can add in anything she likes from her phone to my schedule.
I wake up, put on my uniform (if appropriate) put on my bra and panties no matter what, and do my morning checklist. Coffee and a light breakfast, then off to my daily duties. 
We have a huge house, and much is to be done. When it is finished, it is time to start over. 
My only focus is to be a good sissymaid, I am forbidden from, nor want anything else. I treat my wife like a queen. 

I instantly obey her every command, and serve her hand and foot.

I ask for and must have permission to do even the smallest thing,

I am ashamed of myself if I do even the slightest thing with out her approval, even if she does not know, I would know.

I did not "become" a sissy, I finally accepted I WAS one. As I struggled to understand it, I learned the natural way for me, was to serve my wife.  Sissy....maid. For us it is natural and right.
So now I have a full maid schedule plus hand and foot service, and lots of foot and back massages, cooking and caring for the kids. 
They do not see me in uniform, but they sure see me obeying and serving my wife, and always have. My wife has always been the dominant head of our family. They do see me do all the house work. Nothing wrong with that. 

So this is real life. A loving close family with a semi secret maid sissy daddy and a strong beautiful mom. 

Soon when school is back in.  It will be uniform 5 days a week, not just at nights and when left in the bedroom daily. I will only be out of uniform then when the kids get home, then right back in after kids bed time. Panties, bra and shaved all the time no matter what.

It works well for us. I personally have never been happier. I take pride in pleasing and serving her. 

I did loose her respect for my manhood, but her love only grew. She calls me "half a fag" to her gay friends.... 

But no weird hidden things are between us. She loves me as her sissy, and I am becoming a better one every day. I am more useful to her as a maid, than I ever could be as a "man".

As I stated earlier , the only Internet I am allowed is sissy stuff, cleaning and massage. So thank you for bearing with me as I express myself here.

 I am just
so grateful and excited and happy.

If I can help but one sissy become a maid....

Tools of the trade...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A proud sissymaid.

I am a fully trapped and collared sissymaid. My sole function is to serve and obey my Wife. I have no say in any matter, and am not to have an opinion. 

I curtsey out of respect as she or I enters or leaves a room, and immediately jump eagerly to obey any command mindlessly.

I wanted for a time to be "forced" to be a submissive maid, this was only to fool myself, to somehow pretend I did not want to so it... But now, I submit and serve as a fulltime maid, because I really want to. I am proud to be a sissymaid. Ironically, after time of being the best sissy I can, She has been accustomed to it and demands forcefully nothing less. Now I am forced to do it. All my dreams came true.... I am so glad I want to be a fulltime maid, because I would be one no matter what now.. It is WAY too late now.. The only say I have now is what color panties I will wear. I have no regrets, and have never been happier.

maid betty 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dearest Wife

Thank you so much for my beautiful apron and nighty.
I will work hard every day to prove I deserve to wear the apron.
It felt so good when you clicked your fingers when you got a call and pointed at the wall. I proudly raced as fast as I could to take my proper place. It is beautiful we both understand so fully our relationship. 
You are free to do any and all things as you please, and I am only to obey and do as I am told happily without hesitation.
I have never been happier in my life. It all came together, and everything makes perfect sense.
I know my fate. I was meant to be your slave. 
I love you.

Omg omg... New Apron!

I am SO Excited! Thank you, thank you, Thank you, dear Wife. This is the nicest present I have ever gotten.

So embarrassing..

My wife came home for a few moments to relax and get a back massage. I was waiting eagerly to serve, and immediately showed my submission by standing in the corner to wait for orders. 

I had been doing my daily routine, but took the leisure of putting on my last diaper ( we had a few left over from having kids). I feel ashamed and embarrassed in one even if alone. I had only done it a few times before, and when I told my wife, she thought it was pathetic. It definitely lowered my status as a man in her eyes.

Today I had to tell her again, and asked if I could take it off. She said "no, leave it on." (And my plug in)

So here I am, diapered, plugged, shaved, and in uniform.

I told her about progress on the website and asked if I should do kinky things, like video of me masterbating and cumming, in uniform, and or using toys. 

The reply was "Yes, do it, but they should not get it for free. I explained enough traffic to the site could generate ad revenue, and I could do private cam sex for money if I could figure out how. (A sissy whore I am to be also?) 

I can only imagine what that would be like.... Obviously I would do as I was told... I have a feeling I would be tasting a lot of cum, and my hole would be well oiled and used.

Just thinking about this, plus being told to do slutty things for the website inspired this: my debut in sissy porn

After, I felt a little shame, and ripped my diaper off, pulled my plug out, and cleaned up. But, like a good sissy, I left my bra and panties on. I may feel a little humiliated, but it is way better than not honoring my promise to be a good sissy. Even if She did not know I was not in panties and a bra, I would know.

My work shoes.

I hope to earn some nice shiny black ones with heels someday...

Happily off to do my daily drudgery.

Friday, July 26, 2013

A lovely ending to the day.

My newest outfit dear wife put me in today! It is so light and silky and feels SO good. I waited all day then bathed and shaved and dressed properly, and then stood in the corner until I was needed. Dear Wife was tired from a long day. I gave her a back rub, then cooked her dinner and served it on a silver tray. When she was done eating, I cleared the tray, and gave Her a long back and neck rub, then she laid down and gave Her feet a long and loving massage until she was about asleep and sent me away. A perfect ending

Shaving to be all sissy fresh to serve wife upon her return home

Sissy me, shaved, pantied, and plugged.

This is my first time taking and showing sissy pictures of myself... Should I do this more often? What would people like to see?

Excited and scared, but without a choice

Soon my wife will be home. We have just really began "corner time". I will be required to stand in the corner in full uniform unless I am ordered to do a task. After the task, I am to return, curtsey, then return to the corner. 

I am excited now, but will it be like everything else I do as a maid? Every bit of power I have lost, I never got back. What started out with panties and a uniform, has become my life. Once I wanted to wear sissy stuff and play house on occasion. Now I am required to be in panties and a bra full time. My wife would go batshit crazy if I tried to get out of serving as a sissymaid even a little.

Did the panties go away? No. Did the uniform go away? No, now I have several. Did the chores go away? No, now I must do all of them.

Now, we have added "corner time" as an absolute rule. Will that go away? No.

The kinda funny thing is, I LOVE corner time, even though I am nervous because like everything else, I do not have a choice anymore. Would you like to see pics? Should I post one daily? I sure am in the corner daily....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A sweet sissy having some much needed corner time

This is not my photo, but I love it so and wanted to share it with you. I have just come to the point in my growth as a sissy to LOVE and be proud of corner time. I love standing there almost forgotten until called to do another task, then back to the corner. It is like meditation that helps my mind go blank. I know I may come to not like it at times, but what I like and don't like do not matter anymore. (I do like that)

Come see me on tumblr...

My new apron!

Here are a few rules I live by.

Sissy must be in panties and a bra minimum at all times.
Sissy must keep shaved clean below the neck at all times.
Sissy must curtsey when called, when owner enterers the room, and upon returning from a chore.
Unless sissy is told otherwise, sissy is to stand in corner upon returning from a chore.
Slave is to NEVER watch the news, and can only use Internet to look at sissy stuff, or to study massage or cleaning methods.
Slave is not allowed to make decisions, or have any opinions except to agree with owner.
Maid is to never leave house without permission. 
Slave must be in full uniform including tights and headband, shoes and light makeup when serving.
Maid to not to speak without permission while in uniform.
Maid is to bend over immediately and drop panties to be whipped, be it for punishment or your pleasure.
Sissy must never talk back, argue or disagree with owner. 
Sissy owns nothing and has no rights.
Sissy is forbidden from any non sissy related activities. Any spare time can be spent in the corner, or shaving and keeping sissy fresh.
Slave is not to masterbate with out permission, and when permission is given, it must be done in a slutty humiliating sissy way that reinforces my position. 

Becoming a maid. A quick introduction.

I have been slowly becoming a maid for years. It started after I asked my wife if I could wear panties. She was shocked a little at first, but amused. 

She began to keep me in panties, and slowly added nighties and silky things. I began to look online to explore what I was feeling, and discovered the sissy movement.

It was amazing. I had always been confused about my sexuality. I discovered much to my shock, I was in fact a "sissy". This was hard to swallow, and even harder to resist. 

At first, it was just sexual excitement being in panties, but it was not enough. I would have to serve. It was the only path forward. I was to be a maid.

I asked my wife if I could "serve" her. At first it was just a game. She bought me a uniform and I would fetch things and do minor tasks for Her.

It was a start, but would lead to deeper and deeper submission. As I did things in my life, often overseas, I would always yearn to be back home in uniform serving. 

The desire to submit and serve took over my life. Each time we "started again" it became more real, meaningful and lasting.

Everything I gave up and every bit of authority I lost, I never got back.

Things are right in our home. I serve as I should full time.


I have started this blog to share my experience of becoming a full-time sissy maid for my Wife.

This site is here to help aspiring sissys take the next steps to becoming maids, and to help wives and girlfriends see the benefits of turning their men into maids.

Please stay tuned as I get this site together better. Please say hi if you stop by...