Friday, January 15, 2016

Improved rules I must obey at all times as a sissy slave maid

These are the current rules I must obey as a slave to show my submission and devotion, and am now expected demanded of and forced to obey at all times. I am to be helpless docile and obedient, as nothing less is tolerated. 

Permanent Slave Rules

Slave owns nothing 

Slave must mindlessly obey all commands at once, with a curtesy, then return without doing anything else. 

Slave has no say about anything

Slave is forbidden from making any plans. 

Slave is not allowed to make any decisions except choice of panties 

Slave must be shaved and in panties at all times

Slave must be in uniform when appropriate. 

Slave is not to speak unless spoken to, or given permission

Slave is to look down with hand up and wait silently to speak 

Slave is to jump up and make coffee every day, and then be put back in bed, or the corner until called to serve. 

Slave is not permitted any non sissy outside contact 

Slave is forbidden personal phone calls. 

Slave is forbidden any news politics or current events

Slave is forbidden from any hobbies

Slave is forbidden from asking for exceptions.

Slave may not ask for, and will not be given anything non maid related. 

Slave is forbidden from asking to do anything non maid related

Slave can and will be blindfolded and made to kneel, or put in the corner when not in use. 

Slave may never ask to be excused from the corner, unless to use the toilet only

Slave must have permission to leave or enter a room

Slave may not cum or use toys without permission. 

Slave must never talkback or argue about any command or decision.