Friday, January 15, 2016

A life on my knees at the feet of my wife

I am on my knees most of the day. I am either at my owners feet blindfolded in a prissy dress with my hands folded in my lap, or I am rubbing her feet as she watches television or does work on her laptop. 
I am also on my knees as I wax and clean floors and toilets.
When not in use, I am on my knees in the corner, blindfolded, not to speak or move. . 
Also when she naps or goes to sleep for the night, I am on my knees massaging her feet for hours.
When she whips or fucks me, I am on my knees. 
She likes me collared, on a leash and at her feet, blindfolded, silent and waiting to serve.
I only walk to do my chores and housework, or go where she tells me, to do what I am told.
To some this may sound a nightmare, for me, paradise. I do not have to worry or think about anything. I am responsible for nothing All I have to do is as I am told, and there is nothing I would rather do than please my wife with my every breath. 
I only do as she pleases. 
I would rather serve my wife on my knees than rule on my feet in the world of men.