Sunday, January 17, 2016

Free at last, at her feet

I am not ashamed of being a sissy maid. I am ashamed of who I was as a "man"

I was arrogant, selfish, rude, lazy and irresponsible. I almost can't believe my wife put up with me. I was a failure as a man, but I am an excellent maid.

Now, I am humbled, polite, hardworking, and responsible for doing as I am told only. 

I could not be a better sissy husband than to literally do nothing but serve and obey her. 

She has always loved me, but she sure likes me better as her obedient slave.  She likes me in a cute uniform blindfolded when I am not doing chores for her. She demands a curtesy, and always gives me a loving smile in return.

My total submission is from my heart, my servitude is not forced, but enforced. She has come to expect nothing less.

I have never felt more useful and productive. I am happy and content in a way I have never been. My worries and insecurities are gone. I have no will of my own, and only one simple duty, obey. 
I am not ashamed to ask to speak. She may be busy, enjoying quiet, or simply not care what I have to say. If she has nothing for me to do, I am sent to the corner, or kneel at her feet. There I sit, happy. 
I massage her feet, fetch her items, do house work, cook her meals, comb her hair.... I make her life easy and wonderful.

The old me? Not so much. I am disgusted by what I was. 

Under control of my wife, everything is smooth as silk. We never argue. I have no say about anything, and no control over anything. So what is to argue about? Or talk back? Uh... That would be a big no, with terrible consequences. I know my place, and have too much respect to question her. The only reply to anything is " yes dear".and she wants to hear it. 

I have become what my wife wants if me, an obedient powerless maid. I want nothing more of this life than to serve and obey the one I love.