Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Fresh Sissy Start

I have been away from home out west on family business for too many months in the world of men. it gave me time to think, be independent, have my own money and the freedom to do anything i wanted. Upon my return, i knew exactly what i needed to do.It was time for a fresh start, and a meaningful commitment to being the best maid i can possibly be.

Part of my submission is financial bondage, and I am signing over all of my property, cars, boats, and all funds from a recent inheritance to my owner as I should. I am not even to have access to any funds, or am allowed to make any choices about what it done with it. If my owner needs me to buy something, I must return all the change.

I have been given permission to continue this blog, and will be spending a lot of time here, as it is one of the only things I am allowed to do. It will serve as a journal my wife can read, and hopefully serve as encouragement or amusement for this blog's readers. I have been told to try to make money from this site somehow, even if by doing slutty humiliating things. I will also be exploring housecleaning, foot massage and other useful duties.

My world now is to stay focused at all times on being a good maid. The rules below are designed to keep me on the straight and narrow and please my owner.

Here are rules we have worked out i am to obey:

Slave has no rights or privileges unless granted, and can be taken away or given at whim, with no consideration of what slave wants.

Slave owns no property or money, and is not allowed to make any decisions about it.

Slaves opinion on anything is meaningless and unimportant, and should not even be offered unless asked. 

Slave must ask permission to do anything, and must curtsey and ask to be dismissed before leaving a room.

When given a command, slave must obey automatically at once, and return from a chore to report back and wait facing the wall until dismissed or given another task.

Slave must be in uniform daily unless told not to, and must be in a minimum of a bra and panties at all times.

Slave is to wear black uniform for cleaning, and a frilly one for night service. 

Slave is not permitted to watch any news, face book, or internet for anything non maid related. Maid is to live in a news blackout to stay focused on duties. Any television shows must be approved before watching. Any websites must be pre approved before visiting. Any violation can result in loss of television and internet privileges and or any other punishment.